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Various - Ultimate A-Style MP3 FLAC
Ultimate A-Style
Happy Hardcore, Techno, House, Trance, Gabber, J-pop
25 Apr 2008
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1Teranoid Featuring MC Kent, MC Natsack & MC RallyDrop Da Hardcore
Composed By – TeranoidVocals – MC Kent, MC Natsack, MC Rally
2ちっちBrilliant Azure (Sensualness Mix)
Composed By – DJ ShimamuraLyrics By – Ran MinecoRemix – Sampling Master MegaVocals – ちっち
3久遠寺未有Muse Plot ~ミューズ プロット~ (StripE Energized)
Arranged By, Composed By – Kosuke "kors k" SaitoLyrics By – Ran MinecoRemix – StripEVocals [Credited To] – 久遠寺未有Vocals [Uncredited] – 九条信乃
4SamplingMasters MEGASteps
Composed By – SuperSweep co., ltd
5上杉美鳩Brother Soul (Ryu☆ Remix)
Arranged By, Composed By – Kosuke "kors k" SaitoLyrics By – UlielRemix – Ryu☆Vocals [Credited To] – 上杉美鳩Vocals [Uncredited] – 北都南
6片霧烈火Asgardh ~アスガルド~ (Ace Closer Trance Remix)
Lyrics By – 真理絵Remix – Ace CloserVocals – 片霧烈火
7Dai You (Ace Closer Electro House Remix)
Composed By – Dai Remix – Ace Closer, Kazuhisa Hirota
8古謝友紀乃Daylight (DJ Shimamura Happy Hardcore Remix)
Arranged By, Composed By – Noiz'n GirlLyrics By – 陸沢きなりRemix – DJ ShimamuraVocals – 古謝友紀乃
9榊原ゆいReady Go! (JAKAZiD J-Core Remix)
Composed By – DJ ShimamuraLyrics By, Vocals – 榊原ゆいRemix – JAKAZiD
10雪野五月You (REDALiCE Trance Remix)
Composed By – Dai Lyrics By, Vocals – 雪野五月Remix – REDALiCE


  • Executive-ProducerK. Aida
  • ProducerH. Nakamura, N. Atsumi, Y. Seino


Remix album released by HOBiRECORDS featuring remixes of popular songs aimed for the Akihabara otaku market, hence the name "A-Style". For Brother Soul and Muse Plot, the vocalists credited are the characters that appear in the game 君が主で執事が俺で rather than their actual voice actresses who sing the songs.

Title is given on release as "HOBiTRANCE Presents Ultimate A-Style".

  • Doukree
Ultimate A-Style amazing Trance/Happy Hardcore/Techno/House/Gabber/J-pop all track
voice actresses Muse Plot ~ミューズ プロット~ (StripE Energized) nice of music
  • Berenn
The first album in the Ultimate A-Style series presented by HOBiRECORDS, it contains many songs that were hits amongst otaku in Akihabara. As such, this album is for the most part remixes of vocal j-pop with female vocalists.

The first track is a remix of Ready Go! by Yui Sakakibara by UK hardcore artist JAKAZiD. It is evident that he has seemed to increased his involvement in the Japanese hardcore scene with this remix, as the various promotional materials featured this remix. The track itself is very bright and very listenable and dance-y but is ruined slightly by Sakakibara's vocals. While JAKAZiD should be commended for making Sakakibara listenable for the most part, she is still unbearably squeaky which may be the only flaw with this song. Though this is common in J-pop, the excessive squeakiness may make one wonder why Ms. Sakakibara is allowed to keep churning out songs.

The second track is a remix of You, a highly popular song from the anime/game/CD drama Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. While this is REDALiCE's second time to be remixing the track (the first time was on his arrange album Sugurashi without vocals). While this remix borrows some elements from the said first remix done by REDALiCE, it is a track which keeps the emotion and atmosphere of the original yet manages to be energetic and interesting enough remix.

The next remix on the list, Asgardh by Ace Closer keeps the trend of keeping the genre of the remix in the title. This is definitely a song which is reminiscent of Kazuhisa Hirota's work under the alias Floorbreaker and Cannon Cracker, albeit less over the top. Clocking in at 8 minutes, this is the longest track and the length works in favour of the remix because this gives it a rather nice buildup and breakdown with Ace Closer utilising Rekka Katakiri's vocals to their full extent - including the little improvised vocal hooks that were present in the original track.

Steps is the next track, featuring a song that is very characteristic of Sampling Master Mega. This is one of two original tracks in the album and I would say it was the weaker of the two. While Shinji Hosoe is normally a very good composer, this track just seemed rushed though it did incorporate many of his characteristic sample usage which made it interesting enough - though not his best track.

The next track, another Shinji Hosoe track is his remix contribution to the album. The original Brilliant Azure was an atmospheric pop track that featured trance elements composed by DJ Shimamura. Shinji Hosoe's (Sensualness Mix) picks up the pace that the original lacked. While at the beginning it may sound a bit more like an inventive rehash, it definitely gets better as the track progresses.

DJ Shimamura gets another mention in this album as he remixes Koja Yukino. This is a familiar combination to many people who would have picked up this album as Koja Yukino and DJ Shimamura had worked previously on Teranoid Overground Edition - Koja Yukino. Only this time, DJ Shimamura is remixing a track by Koja Yukino that was not composed by him. The original Daylight was a rock track featuring Koja's booming vocals and the change from rock to happy hardcore was quite drastic. And as only DJ Shimamura could do, it was done well. The track is reminiscent of Koja's work on the teranoid albums and if one isn't fan of Koja's voice, then one might find this grating to the ears.

In almost another case of deja-vu, kors k appears remixing a song that he originally composed. StripE is one of kors k's aliases and he has done his best to remake this song into a more hard trance style with the second longest track in the album (this is shorter than the Ace Closer track by mere seconds). While instrumentally, it's very uplifting - it sounds as if the harmony vocals were used rather than the main vocals for this song. As a result, the vocal sounds very flat in contrast with the rest of the instrumentation. Whether this is intentional, one may never know.

The second original track comes in at this point of the album - Drop da Hardcore by teranoid featuring not one, but three MCs. MC Kent, MC Rally and MC Natsack all bring their MCing styles into this nu style gabba track with Kent clearly taking prominence with his heavy and prominent style of MCing which contrasts to the lyrical and flowing style of MC Rally and even more so with the quick-fire style of MC Natsack.

You (Ace Closer Electro House Remix) is Ace Closer's second remix for this album which has caused questions. The first one is why You is remixed again when it was remixed by REDALiCE earlier in the CD. The second inevitably asks why Ace Closer did another remix. It seems that this remix is based more on the original BGM from the original game and thus is truer to that version of the song rather than the vocal one and makes excellent background music to listen to. In addition, this song is also much closer to the style of music that Kazuhisa Hirota's Ace Closer name is associated with.

The last track rounding up this album is a Ryu* remix of another kors k song - Brother Soul. While the original was already very sugary - Ryu* takes this to the furthest extreme of speed and sugaryness by actually pitching up the vocal to the point that Ryu* himself has choreographed a matching dance to do with his hands while playing this live. The decision to like this track is subjective: if high pitched cutesy vocals are your cup of your tea, then you will find yourself enjoying this song immensely. If it is not your cup of tea, then often times you will find yourself skipping the end song and proceeding to the next song in your collection.